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A Princess in Central Kentucky - Words cannot express the gratitude that my daughter and I feel for the wonderful opportunity that Cinderella’s Closet afforded us. We attended the fashion fest in Frankfort, KY on March 5, 2011. Wow what an experience! We never dreamed that we were going to have the opportunity to be treated like royalty, she was the princess and I was the royal family. Every one who was there to volunteer was so nice and sweet, they made us feel so special. I think that the experience at Cinderella’s Closet might even be a memory we hold on to longer than the actual prom. My daughter found the perfect dress. Of course she does actually look like a princess in it and thanks to your organization and all of its volunteers she feels like one too! I want to personally thank each and every one of you that assisted in our 'girl’s day out' yesterday. I do not believe that I have ever been apart of an event that was more fulfilling than to spend the day with these girls and your program. I have worked with children of disadvantaged situations for years. I learned more about love, compassion, and humility yesterday than I have experienced in a lifetime. We are a very rural community, with limited resources for many of our children. What a blessing to find out about your program and what a wonderful service you provide.

From Trimble County, KY - I wanted to let you know of a few stories that I learned on our trip. We left out the early afternoon to make these young ladies feel that the day was just for them. Even on a school bus, they were so excited to make the trip you would have thought they were in a limo. We had snacks and bottled water for the hour and a half trip. We took them to lunch at Panera Bread. Again, you would have thought we were at a ritzy steak house. All seven girls thanked us for lunch, with hugs and praise. As we reached Cinderella's closet and the girls came out in smiles, and feeling so special and pretty in their beautiful dresses, I couldn't contain myself! God is so good! We were the last ones out as we waited for a beaded dress to be altered. The girls were so thrilled with not only their dresses, but were complimentary of each other, and on the bus ride home, we looked down the aisle to see all their silver and pink shoes all on their feet and kicking up and down! What a site! They began to talk about the reasons they decided to come. One young lady said she was embarrassed to sign up, but her mother was very ill, and she just couldn't let her parents waste their money on her. She then said that having a godmother is nothing to be embarrassed about. Another one said, I couldn't ask my parents for money because things were just so tight, that they won't be able to have electricity till the 1st of next month. Another young lady that is a foster child in a family of 7 said "You know what the best thing was? There are allot of kids in my family, and today I did not have to share with anyone, this was the first day of my life that was just for me" The last story is that one of our girls was going to take her dress to the hospital today to show it to her step-mother who is terminal and will probably not make it till prom. I have felt the blessings of your works the past two days, and I thank you.

God Bless you for caring, Denise Hall Coordinator Family Resource & Youth Services Center Trimble County, KY

Picture of dresses.

Picture of dresses.

"I'd like to thank the entire group at Cinderella's Closet for making my prom everything that it was. Without you guys, I'd have never been able to go, and you made my prom possible for me. I'd been going through a very rough patch with my family, and found myself without the funds to get a dress for my senior prom, the only prom I'd ever go to. But after finding out about the organization, I was stunned at the effort put into helping girls' dreams come true!

While I am picky, my Fairy Godmother sat through it and suggested dress after dress until I found my perfect match, a gleaming orange and pink mixed dress that fit like a glove. When I arrived at my prom, I felt JUST LIKE a princess. I continued getting compliments on everything about me, the dress, my hair, the makeup, the jewelery, everything. My fiancee's jaw dropped to the floor, my father was extremely happy for me, it was completely a perfect night, to which I owe all to you guys.

Thanks so much for making my prom so special and perfect, it wouldn't have been possible without all of you."

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"Thank you so much for helping make my 2008 prom great. Everyone loved my dress and it was such a fun experience to pick it out and to get one I really loved not just choosing the one I could afford. My fairy godmother was so nice and helpful, everyone there was always smiling, and only had good things to say. I wish that kindness could be found more often in the world. Again, thank you so much."

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"My dress that I received from you last year was beautiful! It was baby pink with different patches of reds and pink beading ... it was truly a fairy tail princess dress! I was very fortunate to be able to come to you for help last year... I was in between being jobs and I was trying to save every penny for a dress ... but as you may know prom dresses are very pricey and no matter how much I tried to save I always ended up just a little short. Because of Cinderella's Closet a big burden was lifted off of my shoulders, and I just want someone else to be able to feel the same way I did. This year I hope to buy my own prom dress with the money that I have been saving, and I am planning on donating it to Cinderella's closet afterward so that someone else can feel special on their big night!"

“I was blessed with the opportunity to have my dream dress and everything that goes with it. I wanted to thank you so much for the experience and for giving me and other girls the chance to feel like a real princess. I feel without Cinderella's Closet I wouldn't have had the perfect prom. Not only did the experience lift my spirits but it lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. Not only was I worried about not being able to go to my Senior Prom, I was also worried about my mom because she had been sick, at the time Prom just wasn't in the cards for us and if it weren't for your organization I wouldn't have been able to go. I am not only grateful for that, but I am also very grateful to have had a wonderful "Fairy Godmother". She really made me feel like a princess. My mom even felt like a princess because everyone was so kind and it was a great relief on all of us.

Cinderella's Closet didn't just help us girls, it also helped our parents and I cannot express how much that means to me. For the first time in a long time my mom was truly happy, and I hadn't seen that in a while.

While getting ready for the big night I would not let any of my family members help, it had to be a surprise. Finally, when I walked up the stairs from my bedroom, letting everyone see me, I could see the tears welling up in my parents' eyes and it meant the world to me. I felt like I gave them the same gift you had given me.

I'm sure you know how much you have helped these girls and myself, but you didn't just help me go to prom; you helped my family come together and forget all the stresses we were feeling. We were finally happy and that moment lasted. Recently we have discovered that my mom is having another medical relapse and when hopes were down I brought up our time at Cinderella's Closet and we couldn't stop talking about it.

I would love to donate my used dresses to Cinderella's Closet so I can give back what I had experienced last year. My mom and I both filled out the registry to volunteer this year and we both cannot wait." "

“Thank you for a great day and helping me find my perfect dress. Not only will I look amazing, I’ll feel it too. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you."

“Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity. I had a really good time. I have never been to something like that, it was a great experience.”

“I wanted to thank you all for what you did for my daughter. It meant the world to her. I was so impressed (moved to tears is more like it) at the professional operation you had set up.“

“I appreciate the help you gave me in finding my beautiful prom dress. It really meant a lot to me.”

Picture of dresses.